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8 Essentials Oils for Healer’s Tool Kit guide

The SPIRIT of Oils Shamanic GUIDE BOOK

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Is there a feeling, wish, or desire to go deeper with your own healing practice? With yourself and/or family? This course bridges Lifestyle Medicine and Core Shamanism to help give you plenty of tools for your tool kit for your personal and professional life. The intention is to train you over a 12-month period so that you have a full year of ceremony and new habits created to assist you with your dreams and goals as a practitioner or as a coach or healer.

We will meet monthly with Zoom scheduled calls that will go over the lesson plans provided and the good and fun work to incorporate over the month. We will also likely meet around the equinox and solstices briefly to incorporate sacred ceremony.

This program teaches an individual how to tune in to their own innate wisdom in order to achieve emotional, physical, and spiritual balance through lifestyle medicine and core shamanic practice. The intention is to deepen your practice by giving you more healing tools for your tool kit. When you are in harmony with yourself and the elements, you will be able to offer more to your family and/or clients.

This program is not only intended for people with an existing healing practice but those who have a general curiosity and possibly want to create your own coaching/wellness business. There will be many avenues to talk about with regards to enhancing or creating a business in this field. This program is established and yet continually being updated as new healing modalities are received.


Some topics that included (but certainly are not limited to):

  • sacred ceremonies
  • core shamanic journeying
  • food as medicine (healing foods)
  • plants as medicine (herbs and essential oils)
  • honoring the elements
  • initiation
  • daily practices for empowerment
  • soul song
  • shamanic healing oportunities
  • enVISIONing
  • chakra balancing and clearing
  • specific practices for specific healing
  • fine art and crafting
  • personal symbol creation
  • clear channel creation
  • research and history
  • self-care and protection for empaths, caregivers, therapists, etc.
  • sacred wheel of year
  • importance of ritual
  • ethics
  • drum circle
  • building a business


Who can benefit from this Training and Certification Course:

  • Yoga Teachers and Therapists
  • Alternative Health Care Providers and Practitioners
  • Hospice Care Providers
  • End of Life Doulas
  • Birth Doulas
  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Shamanic Practitioners
  • Massage therapists
  • Healers
  • Health and Wellness Coaches
  • Health care providers
  • Beginners
  • Enthusiasts


Course fee/registration and materials:

Cost for the program is $1600. (Payment plans are available for program cost – 4 payments at $448)

A syllabus plus reading lists and course information will be sent prior to each month’s scheduled time together. Please do make sure your shipping information is clear because I will send you some items in the mail (roller bottles and 15 ml bottles plus veggie caps)


Essential oils must be purchased for your use and you have some options:

OPTION A: You can begin with the first 11 oils we will work with extensively. – this is the link to sign up for the 11 oils. Option B totals $555 in oils and membership. (Option B at bottom of page)



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Other Materials needed:

synthetic (REMO) or natural hand held drum – can be found online or at local shops –  There are small ones you can get to begin. (14″ round with beater is a good recommendation for size, but pick what you like)
rattle – can be found online or at local shops –
eye covering (any cotton cloth)



Sacred song for this earth







OPTION B: If you’re interested in more bang for your buck (so to speak) with regards to oils, you can begin with 83 clean and gorgeous essential oils + diffuser.  This option is the Every Oil Kit: – this is the link to sign up for this kit. We will be working with all of the oils throughout our year together so this is a great way to get them all at a fantastic price (versus buying them as you go, which is listed as option B.) If you select this kit, the certification program $1000. (Payment plans are available for program cost – 3 payments of $345 if you choose not to pay in full.)

With either option, I will send you various supplies of Veggie caps to get you started, roller bottles and 15 ml bottles as part of course home work.

You will begin to use each oil in class with me and will likely have it be a part of your life with family etc. This is the beginning of a spirit practice using the oils as guides and teachers as well as the beginning (or deepening) of relationships with compassionate helping spirits.

As part of the program,  you will receive a 1-hour consultation to assist you in your own deepening/healing of mind/body/spirit issues or goals.



What makes Linda stand out from the rest:

I have been a core shamanic practitioner for about 10 years now. I also have a Masters Degree in Holistic Health and have been assisting and teaching families, individuals, and groups about living well using diet/nutrition, plants/herbs/oils, meditation/mindfulness, movement therapy, and energetic/power healing for the last 25 years. I have a grounded, researched, experienced, and tested approach to holistic health and take conservative steps to assist/support/teach and help bring a person to better health and wellness. I also have a Fine Art degree and have been an artist my whole life.



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