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These are specially made oil blends that I have been using on myself and on clients. I was shown these blends in the shamanic journey process and asked my compassionate helping spirits to show me what to include and how/when to use them. Below is a list of Chakra-Full of Lovin’ Oil Blends. I’ve included SOME of the oil ingredients that are in the blends. There are crystals in the blends as well. These blends have been drummed and sung over in the preparation. They have been prepared with organic jojoba oil because I find the skin loves that oil.  The pricing below INCLUDES the cost of shipping to the US. If you live outside the US, I will send a separate email with additional shipping cost. These are 15 ml bottles. Please specify spray or no spray.

These oils can be used in the air, in a diffuser, sprayed in the hand and rubbed into the body, sprayed in your own body oil or lotions, rubbed onto candles for prayer/intention. If you’d prefer witch hazel room atomizers instead of jojoba oil based blends, please let me know in the NOTES section of the ordering process.


Each 15 ml bottle has 6-8 clean essential oils. The mantra is hand written on purpose! There’s power that goes thru the drumming and song and hand writing prayers and intentions are part of the magic. 🙂

The list below contains only SOME of the ingredients. To obtain the recipes, go to the BELONGING page to create a membership and receive 1-4-ALL of these oils plus recipe cards!

  • Root – vetiver, patchouli, crystal, myrrh, AND THEN SOME! – $25 – Get yourself ROOTED
  • Sacral – orange, clove, litsea, crystal, AND THEN SOME! – $25 – Get some CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING
  • Solar Plexus – rosemary, star anise, yarrow, crystal, AND THEN SOME! – $25 – Honor those EMOTIONS
  • Heart – lavender, rose, magnolia, crystal, AND THEN SOME! – $25 – ALL ABOUT LOVE, BABY
  • Throat – lavender, lime, marjoram, crystal, AND THEN SOME! – $25 – SPEAK and LIVE YOUR TRUTH
  • Third Eye – blue tansy, melissa, rosemary, crystal, AND THEN SOME! – $25 – INTUITION blooming
  • Crown – frankincense, melissa, crystal, AND THEN SOME! $25 – CONNECTION to SPIRIT
  • Kundalini awakening – $25 – WAKE TFU! 🙂

PURCHASE NOTE: As you decide which oil you’d like, let me know in the NOTES field in the checkout system. You will be charged a flat rate of $25. If you live outside the lower 48 states, I will adjust shipping cost for you.


To receive these blends as FREE OFFERINGS, please watch my class on Chakra Clearing!

What is included in this package:*
• Customized Oil Blend, based on list above and shipped to the U.S.  FREE (Canadians and Europeans, will ship for an additional Flat Rate Fee.)

*Distance is not a problem. Healing work can be done no matter where you live in the world.


What makes Linda stand out from the rest:

I have been a core shamanic practitioner for about 10 years now. I also have a Masters Degree in Holistic Health and have been assisting and teaching families, individuals, and groups about living well using diet/nutrition, plants/herbs/oils, meditation/mindfulness, movement therapy, and energetic/power healing for the last 25 years. I have a grounded, researched, experienced, and tested approach to holistic health and take conservative steps to assist/support/teach and help bring a person to better health and wellness. I also have a Fine Art degree and have been an artist my whole life.



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