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A holistic and shamanic approach to chakra clearing and balancing! 90-minute informational downloadable CLASS that comes to you!! WOOT WOOT!


This is a 90-minute ONLINE, free, downloadable class on chakra clearing/balancing from a holistic and shamanic perspective. I share quite a lot, including what essential oils are, what to look for, what chakras are, what imbalances may show up physically, emotionally, or spiritually when these are out of whack, oils, stones, sounds that help to rebalance the chakras, and more!

At the end of the class, there’s several offerings to learn/grow more with me! Ranging from raw chakra chocolate to shamanic healing sessions and everything else in between! 🙂

This class is intended to come to you for your convenience!  It is for you to download and watch at your convenience. NOTE: This class can be adapted as a 2-3 hour class or a weekend class. If you are interested in booking a class, please contact me!




Additional NOTES:

When you sign up for this class, a link will be provided to you. Your email will be added to my newsletter list for future classes, offerings, information, tips, and recipes. The emails will NOT be sold or used for any other purpose. This is about the connection of spirit that we share together, you and me!


NOTE FOR PURCHASES:  Once you place your order (even if free), you will receive an Order Thank you Page that has the downloadable links. I believe you can also set up an account within in order to have access to these links time and time again! You can bookmark your order thank you page so that you can go back to these downloads. As of yet, there isn’t a setting on here to email you the links but am working out the kinks as we go! Thank you for your patience.


Our Spirit Allies ask us to Be a Living Prayer



What makes Linda stand out from the rest:

I have been a core shamanic practitioner for about 10 years now. I also have a Masters Degree in Holistic Health and have been assisting and teaching families, individuals, and groups about living well using diet/nutrition, plants/herbs/oils, meditation/mindfulness, movement therapy, and energetic/power healing for the last 25 years. I have a grounded, researched, experienced, and tested approach to holistic health and take conservative steps to assist/support/teach and help bring a person to better health and wellness. I also have a Fine Art degree and have been an artist my whole life.



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