About Us

Linda K. Mahns

—MA in Holistic Health
—10+ years Core Shamanic Practitioner
—20+ years Food/Plant Medicine Care Provider
—15+ years Raw Vegan Chef
—EOL Doula Certification
—Mindfulness/Meditati­on Practitioner
—Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner
—Coach, Healer, and Teacher (Life Doula)
—200-hour YTT

Offering whole body support for issues including (but not limited to): PTSD, autism, cancer, diabetes, Lyme disease, auto-immune disease, eating disorders, abuse, weight loss, addictions, pregnancy, end-of-life, chronic fatigue, pain, skin, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, inflammation (for all ages and pets.)

Core Shamanism is a highly ethical method for removing adhesions/influences that may be keeping a person feeling blocked in mind/body/spirit. Clearing Sessions include diagnostic journey and healing using: drums, rattles, sound, essential oils, plants, crystals… with the aid of compassionate helping spirits to help clear and restore one’s own personal power. Distance healing available. Soul Retrievals, Power Animal Retrievals, Extractions, Divination, and other Shamanic healing is offered.


My personal mission is to assist in the process that I live to call the “journey to juiciness” – the idea that we can cultivate ways to live well with simple tools to adjust and fine tune WHOLE self (mind, body, spirit, emotions) to be in harmony. I offer Lifestyle Medicine with Core Shamanism as my main wellness modality.

We have an innate wisdom for healing and these tools and healing modalities can certainly assist the whole self. Each person’s juicy life (or BLISS) is their own to create and coming into one’s own power, health, rhythms, etc. is a joy to witness, support, and be a part of.  I believe we are each meant to be a living prayer.  I teach/assist/support via: Lifestyle Medicine and energetic/power healing via Core Shamanic healing/clearing sessions. The WHOLE self wants to be in a healthy state of being and living well. We can choose to live well.
Assisting a myriad of issues including (but not limited to): PTSD, autism, cancer, diabetes, Lyme disease, auto-immune disease, eating disorders, abuse, weight loss, addictions, pregnancy, end-of-life, chronic fatigue, pain management, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, inflammation for all ages and pets.

About BLISS and Shamanic Academy

BLISS, LLC is the company behind www.shamanic.academy. This all began with 3 friends who wanted to join forces to create deliciously healing food in a fitness studio environment. Well, that was a long story and the end result was that BLISS remains.

BLISS is here to cultivate bliss…

In life, for family, and for all who would like to have support to help create it for themselves! We cultivate BLISS through Holistic Health/Lifestyle Medicine: delicious/healthy/healing food; clean essential oils; shamanic healing; yoga; meditation; visualization; coaching/support, training classes, books, workshops, etc.
I am here for me, for you, for the planet’s good and vibrant health. We are here together to dream our best lives into being for the betterment of ourselves, our families, our communities, our world. The dream/goal is to create “new normals” (step-by-step) in order to bring healthy lifestyles as the norm for individuals, families, organizations, companies, institutions and communities.
Working my compassionate helping spirits to bring you classes and programs and a wide array of support is the name of the game.
The work I do is a partnership with Spirit. I work with food and plants as medicine and have more than 20 years practice. The plants have been guiding me for a long time – they are asking to be honored and used with integrity and so I offer a conservative approach. I work to give a mind/body/spirit approach to issues that come up.
It is an honor to do this work and I thank you each day that I get to do this with/for you.
We work together to create the BLISS you wish to see in your life. We begin slowly, ethically, and make gradual additions for the purpose of great health and wellness in a variety of aspects of life.
Feed, fuel, and follow your BLISS! Please grow with me.
I love and thank you.

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About Shamanic Healing:

Shamanic healing can be of benefit to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual ailments or issues. Below is a partial list of complaints that may be served when:

We love our clients/customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.